Code of conduct

The Institute of Surveyors (Saint Lucia) Inc., rules of conduct provide a framework within which Members offer and deliver their services. They are designed to represent a transparent system of conduct and regulation and apply to all members. The same will form a platform for members to fulfill their duty to the Public, the Surveying professions and their fellow members. The Rules of Conduct shall not be construed as a denial of the existence of the other duties and rights equally imperative though not specifically mentioned.

Every Member shall conduct himself at all times in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Conduct and Schedules in so far as the Rules do not conflict with the laws of Saint Lucia.

Members are bound by its provisions and the Bye Laws of the Institute.

The Institute of Surveyors (St. Lucia) Inc. is a registered non-profit company in St. Lucia. It was registered in the Registry of Companies of St. Lucia on the sixth day of September 2003.

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