The Institute of Surveyors St Lucia Inc, is a registered non-profit company that encases several surveying professions. The Institute was founded in September 2003, with the main objective of maintaining proficiency, competency and contribute to the development of the surveying profession, land and built environment, through the exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences.

Meet our executives 2020-2021

Tryce Loctor-Polius
Tedburt Theobalds
Immediate Past President
Margaret Anne Charles
Vice President
Clive Hippolyte
Honorary Secretary
Dr. Sylvester Sonson
Keegan Preville
Public Relations Officer
Sheldon Sylvester
Valuation Surveying Director
Marvin Alphonse
Quantity Surveying Director
Lynn Holstien
Land Surveying Director

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Sustainable Construction

Our members at ISSL are encouraged to be aware of the sustainable built environment to ensure global contribution.